Craftsman Style Textiles, Hand Embroidery, FAQ’s

Craftsman Style Textiles, Hand Embroidery, FAQ’s


Can I order a different size than those listed?

Yes, you can order most any size you would like.  Use the “Contact Us” page and let us know what item and dimensions you would like.  We will get back to you right away with a price and details about completion.

What is a Decorative Hemstitch?

The Decorative Hemstitch is a traditional stitch that create a series of small holes along the bottom and top hem lines.  It is purely decorative and just adds a touch of historical authenticity to your Arts and Crafts style piece. A photo of the Decorative Hemstitch is included on the product page to help you decide if you want to add it to your order or not.  There is no charge for adding this item.

What size Table Runner should I order?

The Table Runners show best two ways: spread flat out with a remaining amount of table showing all around OR with the design flowing off and over the edge of your table.

For spreading flat out:  we suggest about 4 inches of table showing around each end (Total of 8 inches).  Calculate the Table Runner size by measuring your table length and subtracting 8 inches.

For flowing over the edge of your table: we suggest leaving about 12 inches over hanging the edge of the table. Calculate the Table Runner size by adding 24 inches (12 inches on both sides) to the length of your table.

What other tools will I need to complete a DIY Kit?

For all of our DIY Kits, you will need a pair of small sharp scissors, an embroidery hoop and good lighting. Also an iron and ironing board will be needed. We highly recommended the clear finishing starch- “Mary Ellen’s Best Press”. Our Complete Instructions go into further detail about using the tools.

Do the DIY Kits for Pillow Covers come with a Pillow Insert?

No, our Pillow Cover DIY Kits do not include the Pillow Insert (also known as a Pillow Form). You will need to provide this. Our Pillow Covers are made to fit regular sizes. You should be able to find them at a good sewing store or online.

I am not experienced with embroidery. Will the DIY Kits be too hard for me?

The easiest DIY Kits for beginning embroiderers are our Gingko and the Checkerberry designs. These have 2 basic stitches and are very easy to complete. Also ALL of the Napkin and Placemat designs are perfect for beginning embroidery stitchers.